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I like real moments. A lot.

Let's capture That real thing. Not the cheesy clichee your neighbour might think of!

really glad, that you are here!

Why weddings,

you ask?

Capturing your wedding like one of your guests might experience it. Catching the emotions and moments for you and trying to make your day rememberable - one step further - in an artistic, documentary way. I simply love to create and feel the joy on your day, party with you and capture that feeling!


In a small town in bavaria. They decorated their own barn behind the house with every little detail. They had pizza for dinner and spreaded their joy to all of the guests!


They exchanged their vows at the bottom of the biggest mountain of Germany. Rainy clouds, breaking up with traditions and bringing their uniqueness to

their day made that day so special!

Getting married at your own place? They created everything for it and exchanged vows in the middle of the lake.

One of their favorite things is to travel together. That's why they asked me if I mind coming with them to America or better said. The Grand Canyon!

They had a super emotional speech close to sunset with a great view on largo di Garda

ever thought

about a movie?

Creating moving pictures is getting more and more important for me. What you see here is the first wedding movie I captured and there definitely will be more. Do you wanna be a part of my movie journey?

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